Business Heroes

Business summer courses for students aged 14-18 in Czech and in English

Join Business Heroes and discover that business is far from boring

Business Heroes is a 5-day premium course where students learn to create and develop their business idea in an interactive and fun way.

Do you have your own innovative ideas? Have you ever designed a social media campaign? Did you know that TikTok and Instagram could run your business? Business is no longer just smart suits, briefcases and boring offices!

Join Business Heroes

  • Build skills and gain knowledge - you will join other students to learn how to create and develop a business idea while developing skills for your future

  • Meet new friends - not only do you learn skills for life, you will also spend part of your summer with like-minded people, forming life-long friendships

  • You will have fun! - Our course is designed to incorporate project work with fun activities to enhance your experience. You will have fun creating and developing your business idea with your teammates and you will develop your skills which will help your success in the future: strong communication, team work, creativity, critical thinking, research and presentation skills

What can students expect from Business Heroes course?

While working in small teams, creating and developing a business idea, they will be learning about various areas such as: 

Market and Customer Research

  • With your teammates, you will conduct market research to find a gap in the market while establishing your business idea. We will then create a customer research strategy, and conduct customer research.

Product Planning

  • You will plan exactly what product or service you are developing and bringing to the investors at the end of the week. Your brand, purpose and aim of your business is essential. We will also establish your unique selling point amongst competitors! What will your product or service look like and where will it be established?

Marketing and Advertising

  • Marketing and advertising your product or service is essential and social media marketing is the way to go nowadays. You will create and design a marketing campaign, whether that includes building an Instagram audience or making a TikTok video go viral!

Investor Pitch

  • The end of the week will have your team create a convincing presentation for the investors to secure funding. Think outside the box of conventional, boring presentations - how will you differ from the other teams? How will you make your business idea stand out?

In Summer 2021 we are offering Business Heroes courses for

  • Teenagers aged 14-18 (Seniors)

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