Code Avengers

Summer programming courses for children aged 7-11 and teenagers aged 12-16 in English

Become a Code Avenger and immerse yourself in the world of technology and programming

Code Avengers is a unique 5-day course for children and teenagers interested in the world of modern information technology and programming.

New media and modern information technology are evolving fast. The Internet, smartphones and social networks are changing the well-established ways of working for almost everything around us. This fun and interactive course will allow children and teenagers to gain experience and practical skills in such ever-changing, current and fascinating field.

What your child will get from the Code Avengers course

  • Get acquainted with the creation of functional web presentations using the HTML/CSS coding language
  • Will develop a simple application using JavaScript and Python coding languages

Of course, the whole week will not be just about coding and looking at the monitor. Equally important is the development of soft skills that will help students succeed in their future careers. Students will:

  • Generate ideas, search for information and plan the project work
  • Communicate with team members and decide on roles
  • Work collaboratively in a team
  • Present final outcomes

Project work will be complemented by an outdoor leisure programme full of games and activities, which were designed to not only strengthen the soft skills necessary for successful teamwork, but are fun and build on active movement.

Join the Code Avengers team

  • You will strengthen your skills and gain new knowledge - together with other "Code Avengers" you will learn to code.
  • You will meet new friends - not only will you acquire important skills for your future life, you will also spend part of the summer with like-minded people and make new friendships.
  • You will enjoy it! - our course is designed to include both project work and fun activities. 

In Summer of 2021 we offer Code Avengers courses in English for

  • Children aged 7 to 11 (Juniors)
  • Teenagers aged 12 to 16  (Seniors)

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